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We're on a mission to save the world from bad marketing ideas.

Inbound Hound Mission Statement: Our goal is to listen carefully to our clients, dig deep into their company values and personality, and create a marketing strategy and assets that clearly puts our client in a class above the rest. We do this by consistently illustrating our clients do better and differently than the rest, not by following the crowd. Our marketing strategy and content is designed to be engaging, memorable, reaching the right customers where they are and introduce them to your client. 

In this video, Liza Sivek, Managing Director, explains our approach to strategizing with our clients, and why we disagree with the “magic-bullet-one-size-fits-all” formulaic marketing services. 


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Who we are:

Inbound Hound is a business owner’s best friend.


Founded by Liza Sivek, Managing Director and CMO, Inbound Hound started as a  freelancing gig  in 2018, helping small business owners and professional organizations create better content that converted.


With a strong background in sales, customer service, and marketing and search engine optimization, Liza used her innate skills in translating from “selling” a client’s product to positioning it as a solution. 


The business quickly grew from freelance to small agency under her name, offering a complete suite digital marketing services and web design. 


In 2024 we have grown again, adding marketing strategy, social media management,  on-site and remote video, video editing, social media management, graphic design, branding,  front stack web development, paid search, and more is in the planning stage. 


We have rebranded as Inbound Hound Creative Agency, a full service marketing agency that can guide you to solutions for your biggest and most irritating marketing obstacles. 

We are still owned and led by Liza Sivek, but now with a large, remote, primarily U.S. based, team with excellent skills and creative talents just waiting for you to tell them what you need. And then we provide it.


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